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Tile Roofing Repair


Tile Roof Repair Process

As one of the leading tile roofing contractors in Tampa, you’ll find that our team of experts understands tile roofing and how to repair it. Although we know that you hope that the repair is as simple as replacing a few broken or cracked tiles, it isn’t always that easy. The only way we can determine the scope of your roof repair needs is to perform a complete roofing inspection. Not only will we go on the roof of your home but we will also look in your attic, at any flashing, and at the soffits and fascia. After we inspect your roofing we can recommend the scope of the cement tile roof repair. Because water runs downhill, sometimes a significant section of the tile needs to be removed and new wood and underlayment be put down. Other times the repair simply requires replacing a few cement tiles.

Signs Your Cement Tile Roofing Needs Repair

It’s not always easy to stand on the ground looking up at your roof and be able to tell that you have a need for an expert cement tile roof repair company. Here are some signs that you may need to call Suncoast Roofing Solutions:

Cracked, broken or missing tiles

Misaligned tiles

Discoloration or staining on your ceiling or walls

Damp or wet insulation in your attic

Rusted or missing flashing

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